Evelyn Hills Midtown – Shopping Center Remodel

Evelyn Hills Midtown – Shopping Center Remodel

This project was completed last year for remodeling the Facade of the entire Evelyn Hills – Midtown Shopping Center.  Evelyn Hills is a staple in Fayetteville and we took great pride in helping our client JCB Unlimited from the Dallas area reimagine a new vision for this center.  We brightened up the color scheme and opened up the colonnade by removing the large circular columns and wrapping the existing pipe columns in Cedar planks. Signage was also cleaned up for a consistent look. The parking lot was also corrected and made for easier vehicular circulation as well as safer pedestrian circulation. Many restaurants and new stores are moving in so make sure you visit soon!

OverallParking Lot 1_With SinageNORTH TO SOUTH 01SOUTH TO NORTH 01

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