Fayetteville Multi-Tenant Commercial Project Concept

Fayetteville Multi-Tenant Commercial Project Concept

We have been working on a concept for a Multi-tenant Commercial project planned off Township Street in Fayetteville, AR. The project is currently planned as a single story +/- 15,000 SF building with associated parking and landscaping improvements. The primary design goal was to think outside the archetype of the prototypical strip mall and investigate how multi-tenant commercial spaces can work within an overall Architectural and cohesive design. A site goal of the project was to take advantage of the N/S orientation of the building to attract visibility of the tenants spaces with Township being an East/West oriented street. The specific material palette studied for the building included preformed metal wall panels, ACM panels, brick masonry and glass. The goal was to design with low maintenance yet timeless materials.  The types of businesses that are being attracted include Restaurants, Office Space, Tech Professions, and majority of all Commercial space applications. We look forward to this project moving forward to the Design Development phase in the near future.


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