Gravette Master Plan – Public Forum #2

Gravette Master Plan – Public Forum #2

We would like to extend our appreciation to the City of Gravette and the patrons of Gravette and Hiwasse for their participation at the recently held Public Forum #2.  We were given another opportunity to present our proposed Master Plan and Capital Improvements concepts, and enjoyed our time visiting one-on-one with the administrators and the public afterwards.  Our presentations illustrated updated concepts based on comments received after the previous forum, plus additional proposed improvements to City Infrastructure, Community Center Facilities, and Pedestrian/Bike Trails.

We highly encourage additional feedback, which we will convey to the City of Gravette administrators, so please do not hesitate to post your comments.  Below you will find our Master Plan presentation boards, so please take an opportunity to review these.  We look forward to hearing from you!

1-Master Plan- PF2 REVISED

2-Main Street - PF2

2z-Infrastructure PF2 REVISED 022216

3-Old Town Park PF2

3-Pop Allum Park PF2

4-Walking Bike Trail PF2

5-Gravette Civic Park Rev

5-Hiwasse Civic Park PF2

5-Community Centers PF2

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